Samsung Refrigerator Reviews – A Perfect Guide for Samsung Refrigerators

Analyzing before purchasing or reading reviews about the item is certainly an important and necessary part for a good purchase.Studying about Samsung refrigerator reviews is not an easy task because there are hundreds of Samsung refrigerator models available in the market today. Therefore, you have to conciseness your analysis or research with certain requirement parameters of your household. Criteria that you can consider for finalizing your purchase is like-

  • Capacity and Size: – Instead of looking each and every refrigerator you should emphasize with a particular size or capacity range of refrigerators with the help of Samsung refrigerator reviews. The Size of the refrigerator can be chosen according to the space available in your Kitchen. Similarly,the capacity of the refrigerator should be chosen on the basis of your family needs and thus making refrigerator spacious enough for all products. The Size of your fridge will merely depend on your family size, available space, product types to be put in i.e. vegetarian or non-vegetarian etc. Of course, if you don’t have a large space then you can go with a comparatively low sized fridge else various options are available for larger refrigerators.
  • No. of Segments required: – According to Samsung refrigerator reviews refrigerators are available in 1 to 3 segments. Refrigerators with a single chamber have no separate freezer while 2 segment fridges hold two segments (one is freezer and another is cold store) with a separate or combined door. Having a separate door for freezer and cold store helps in preventing power consumption up to 10%.In three chamber fridge, it is a disadvantage of having a low volume of each section individually while whole body may have a large volume.
  • Area under cold store: -Cold storage chamber in a fridge is the part which is opened various times in a day. So this section must be spacious enough to keep all of your products preserved without any problem.After considering Samsung refrigerator reviews you will know that why these fridges are best to buy. You may have lattice or glass shelves to segregate the area for making it more convenient to use.
  • Dropping defrosting or No frost system: – A refrigerator may have droppeddefrosting system to drop the cooling when the fridge has much more cooling. In such a case, when we defrost, it collects the excess moisture in the form of watering a tray that is placed beneath the fridge.On the other end, in no frost system, equal temperature is maintained in the whole refrigerator in order to avoid defrosting system. Froma cost point of view, dropping defrosting system is less costly than no frost system and can be maintained by just defrosting twice in a year. Zero zone chamber, another very useful feature, which enables zero temperature for a long time in whole chamber.Samsung refrigerator reviews show that dropping defrosting system is suitable and less expensive than No frost system.
  • Compressors inthe fridge: -Compressors are the sole unit, which are mainly responsible for maintaining cooling in the refrigerator.A refrigerator with large capacity or with 2-3 chambers requires two compressors in order to maintain additional cooling for the freezer section. In this kind of refrigerator first compressor keeps basic cooling continue while the second compressor is responsible for additional cooling in separate chambers. Once you will go through Samsung refrigerator reviews you will get this thing perfectly.
  • Power Consumption: – In terms of power consumption, a refrigerator is recognized by Class A, B or C. “A class” refrigerators are the best from a power consumption point of view but costs higher than average. So Class “B” or “C” can be considered according to prices for keeping your Energy consumption level low. Studying after Samsung refrigerator reviews you will find Samsung best for efficient energy consumption.
  • Price: – First and the most effective factor in purchasing a refrigerator is, No doubt, its price. If you are purchasing anything, then you are not paying for its brand-name, rather paying for its features.

What are the Benefits of Samsung refrigerators?

Samsung Refrigerator ReviewsIf you are purchasing any electronic device,then Samsung Refrigerator reviews will be very helpful for you to finalize your product.Not only in a particular part of the world rather across the whole globe, Samsung is a popular and quality manufacturer of electronic appliances like refrigerator, TV, Mobiles and much more. A customer surely knows better about his requirements and thus can decide which brand he has to go for.But still, coming across the product range of Samsung can be a lot beneficiary for you. If you will read Samsung Refrigerator reviews then you will get this point clearly. Specifically for refrigerators, Samsung has thousands of models according to size, capacity, cooling power, power consumption etc. Let’s think one thing. Apart from functionality what would you love in a fridge? Consider Samsung Refrigerator reviews of course, it’s the design and the look of the refrigerator. In these refrigerators you will find an effective and efficient designing style which will not only meet your spacious needs but also give you an esthetic look. You can easily select any Samsung refrigerator depending on your requirements like how much area do you have in your kitchen for refrigerator, how much volume do you need or what functions you want to embed in. Volume and size are two different parameters for a refrigerator. Volume is the consumable area of refrigerator where you can preserve or store your products while size is the area which you will need in your space to put a refrigerator safely.According to Samsung Refrigerator reviews, Samsung has a wide range starting from 15 cubic feet up to 40 cubic feet, which is more than enough for a big family.

Samsung has explored the actualmeaning of refrigerator by introducing excellent cooling and freezing features for maintaining the original freshness of your vegetables, food and other products.Samsung has become a popular brand name in refrigerators by introducing four door cooling systems in order to keep your products preserved separately. Apart from four door refrigerator we have a wide basic product range for single door and two door cooling system refrigerators. Samsung has also come up with three door French cooling system to ensure the modernity and style in a single appliance. Samsung Refrigerator reviews prove increased market of Samsung after these changes. The company provides an additional button to adjust the temperature of the fridge with a very simple user interface. “Zero Zone” is another goodattribute in the refrigerator, which enables to maintain zero temperature lastingly in particular chamber so that the food or other beverages can be kept quite fresh.Samsung provides surrounding cooling feature which meant to maintain cooling not only for your food, but in its surrounding space also. We have a special feature in our refrigerator to let your chocolates and ice cream not to be melted by providing special cooling.

Samsung refrigerator reviews are all that you should read before trusting on cooling feature of the Samsung. You will find our cooling technologies better than all others. For maintaining proper cooling whole the day Samsung has come up with two compressors embedded in a single refrigerator. In a two door, three door or four door cooling system the capacity of the fridge is relatively higher than others. So it is required an extra source to provide constant and uniform cooling in whole fridge. First compressor is responsible for simple cooling feature while the second compressor is embedded to provide additional cooling in other chambers of the refrigerator. Samsung is very careful about power consumption saving or low energy consumption in refrigerators. Samsung has a perfect mechanism for manufacturing of refrigerator that directly depends on customer demands. After production company is strictly emphasized on the pre launching testing of refrigerators which let customers allow enjoying the functions properly. Samsung refrigerator reviews provide a clear overview aboutthe quality of product and safety for customers, which are the prime objects of the company where we don’t compromise. Continuing in the wide range of refrigerators, Samsung has also launched some personal refrigerators which are specially come with wine space and auto filtering system to make it easy to clean.

Another important factor that will increase your refrigerator’s age is its maintenance and care. Read Samsung Refrigerator reviewsto follow a few simple instructions and you will never need to call us.Like, if you are having dropping defrosting system in your refrigerator, then you should be careful about defrosting it on time at least twice in a year. Defrosting is needed in such system because an equal temperature is not maintained in whole appliance and that causes certain problems. Therefore, avoid such problems by caring a bit. Also try to keep your refrigerator on a safer and spacious place. If you are having voltage variations in your power supply then use a voltage stabilizer to ensure uniform power supply. Samsung has a great price range in refrigerators for its customers. We are delivering a bunch of high quality features and services on a very economical and reasonable price.Although a customer justifies the product right or wrong for him by its features and designs, but still price is the final factor to purchase a product.We are fully concerned with your point of view, thus ensuring full value of your money delivered to you. By referring Samsung refrigerator reviews before purchasing a refrigerator you can easily save $20 to $30 for the same feature range.In the higher range of our refrigerators we have integrated never seen features with the latest technologies, making those a bit expensive.

If you would have come across the Samsung refrigerator reviewsever, then you might be feeling proud on our excellent customer care services. Yes, when it is about maintenance and repair of your refrigerator, then we are not careless at all. Our excellent customer support along with the technician is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Before this when you would have bought the refrigerator you must have received a user guide for understanding the functionalities. If you have noticed any fault in any functionality, then don’t be panic or careless, just call our customer support and you will surely get solution on time.

Top 3 Samsung refrigerator models in current market of 2014

Based on Samsung Refrigerator reviews here we are providing top three Samsung Refrigerators with their outstanding features so that finally you can come up with a conclusion.

1. Samsung RF34H9960S4

Samsung Refrigerator reviews speak about the model to be best among all chef collection refrigerators. This exciting refrigerator from Samsung has a wide range of features which are summarized below: -

  • Samsung RF34H9960S4 ReviewChef Collection Refrigerator –This premium Chef Collection Refrigerator is a special make for a chef. In this state-of-the art refrigerator you will get uniform temperature control with premium and user friendly design.
  • With an extraordinary capacity of 34 cubic feet Samsung RF34H9960S4 refrigerator has French style four door cooling systems and has been entitled among the bests in its category.
  • Manufactured with stainless steel paneling, the refrigerator locks in cold and seals in freshness by the innovative Metal Cooling feature that helps in maintaining a uniform temperature throughout the refrigerator.
  • First time in industry, in this refrigerator your products will be fresh more than 2 days with double compressor and triple evaporators or triple cooling. In triple cooling three separate zones are there with evaporators in order to maintain freshness and to control the humidity.
  • A smooth and visible star displays with LED lights to display temperature settings, which will make a user control easier.
  • If you will refer Samsung Refrigerator reviews then you will find this model more spacious than all others in this range. In this four door refrigerator right bottom door gives you maximum space for storing your fresh foods. There are variable temperature settings, which you can change according to your needs like for hard frozen 9º to 1º F, for soft freezing 23º F, for basic cooling 41º F and for chilled its 30º F.
  • The refrigerator has been manufactured with highly efficient lighting to keep brightens every corner and emits less heating.
  • As we told earlier this is a special refrigerator for chef collection. Therefore Chef Pantry, Chef Mode, chef pan and chef basket are the additional features in the fridge to make the refrigerator’s temperature best suitable. Chef Pan and Chef Basket have been used so that the cooked food can be kept safely and also can be removed outside when needed.
  • This amazing product from Samsung is an ENERGY STAR rated product that follows energy efficiency specifications decided for the product range.

According to the above features this fridge best fits for a commercial purpose as well household.

2. Samsung RF28HMEDBSR   

Another extra ordinary product from the same company has comparatively less capacity and great features. The refrigerator is full of with modern four door cooling system.

  • Samsung RF28HMEDBSR ReviewThe refrigerator has been designed for a large capacity of 28 cubic feet with four doors French cooling system.
  • In the refrigerator, SmartFlex Zone Drawer has been configured for adjustable temperature controls with four options from frozen to soft cooling.
  • Twin cooling has been enabled in refrigerator to maintain both levels of humidity in the refrigerator like for vegetables it needs to keep fresh for a long time while for frozen foods it needs to maintain the taste.
  • With a combination of space and cooling capacity you can get 10 lbs ice frozen in a day while 4.2 lbs can be stored at a single time.
  • LED lights inside the fridge are capable enough to make the whole area brighten.
  • Lattice plates in cold store in the refrigerator are adjustable according to requirements.
  • Energy Star rated product which is recommended by Govt.

You should definitely go with this product if you really want to enjoy the convenience with style.

3. Samsung RS22HDHPNBCSamsung RS22HDHPNSR Review

According to Samsung Refrigerator reviews this model of Samsung is surely best for you if you need a fridge with less capacity but want no compromise with quality and features. The refrigerator has side by side door with black color which will not let you ignore the product.

  • The fridge has a 22 cu. ft. of Capacity and 36″ size with side by side door.
  • Counter Depth design to make your kitchen stylish.
  • You will definitely love this feature of refrigerator known as “Twin Cooling” to maintain both cooling level in different segments.
  • Automatic In-door Ice Maker with smart LED lighting make it perfect for your use.
  • Energy Star rated product to ensure the power or energy consumption parameters of a product.

Why Samsung Refrigerator only?

After having a sight on Samsung Refrigerator reviewsyou will surely get to know that why to chose Samsung only. Samsung started the production of home appliances on a very initial level in 1970 in partnership with another company. After facing a lot struggle in market today Samsung has become well stood for all home appliances. When comparing Samsung refrigerators with all other brands like LG, Whirlpool, and Videocon you will find a great difference in terms of features. Samsung has a wide range of refrigerators starting from a capacity 12-15 cubic feet up to 38-40 cubic feet. In other brands you will get basic cooling with an adjustable temperature control. But in Samsung refrigerators you have many advanced cooling systems, including Zero Zone cooling, surrounding cooling system, twin cooling system etc to ensure proper preservation of all types of your food products. Like you need a temperature of approx 28º -30º F for keeping meat before cooking, approx 5º F for hard ice and approx 20º to 25º F for keeping your ice cream frozen. In this case, Samsung Refrigerator reviews tell that you won’t get hassled at all with Samsung refrigerator. Samsung provides you a perfect solution for such case ofa four door or two door cooling systems with a powerful twin cooling system which maintains different temperature in different chambers.If we talk about energy consumption, then ENERGY STAR rated products are considered as best among all others. Samsung has all its refrigerators ENERGY STAR rated with “A”, “B”, “C” power grades.

There are plenty of refrigerators available in themarket but when we talk about spacious design and attractive look of the refrigerator then Samsung Refrigerator reviews are enough to finalize your search. Legging nowhere in this modern era, Samsung has launched all modern features in one refrigerator experiencing like no other. In terms of price we are highly concerned about delivering your money value to you so that you can get a quality product in your budget. And that is the reason why Samsung has such a wide range of products according to different needs of customers. Another important reason behind choosing Samsung refrigerator is its excellent post sale customer support.In other companies they offer many attractive schemes before the purchase of the product, but after the sale there is not even a proper response to customer support.With Samsung Refrigerator reviews you will get to know that unlike other brands, Samsung has its excellent customer support available for you 24*7 on a single call throughout the world. We provide technician in your home service within warranty or even after the warranty (with a very nominal charge) so that you would not feel any inconvenience with our service. Yes, we believe in customer satisfaction which results in a better anda long relationship with customers. Number of repeated customers in a brand is definitely an important factor that defines the market reputation of the brand. Without customer satisfaction it is not possible. And it is the quality of product which ensures the satisfaction of the customer.

Still, if you want more about Samsung refrigerator reviews then you can search it over the internet or just can know from your friends or any other who has ever experienced the convenience with Samsung refrigerator.

Conclusion to buy Samsung refrigerators

After coming across the Samsung Refrigerator reviews, as a conclusion, I think there is no reason to say Samsung refrigerator “NO” if you are going to buy a refrigerator.After reviewing its class features no one would like to point anything missing in these beautiful and efficient products. I am sure you will find a wide range of designs, capacity, price and all other things that you have been hearing in your mind for your refrigerator which is enough to finalize a product before purchase. Although Samsung has a reputed name in the market for quality, but still you may face any irregularity in your refrigerator’s functionality. In this case you will never find your decision to purchase Samsung refrigerator wrong. Apart from these features post sale support of Samsung is far better than others which you will get in on a single phone if would have needed in the future. A customer always known his requirement better, but finding a perfect combination of all this is very tough in other brands while Samsung is ready for you every time.

In the last, I would like to say that if you need quality features with 24*7 customer support for your future refrigerator then end your search here. Samsung refrigerator are best fitted in your need box. Don’t wait now, just contact your nearest Samsung shop or you can even order online and enjoy the convenience with Samsung Refrigerator reviews!

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